Conference May be OFF, But Virtual is On the Way!

Our annual National Type 3/Severe Von Willebrand Disease Conference scheduled for June 26-29, 2020 has been put on the back-burner for now as we plan to re-engineer it as a multi-day “virtual” event for late fall. More information will follow as we combine people, platforms and technologies to help us deliver general sessions, breakout rooms, medical presentations, small group meetings and yes, even entertainment! … stay tuned!

Leading up to the Conference we thought it was essential to find ways to stay connected and engaged as a community; especially through the ongoing challenges posed by the COVID-19 Virus. Our response is the launch of our Staying Connected Initiative.

The Foundation will be hosting a virtual 5-week  series of social, educational and support sessions using the popular and user-friendly platform ZOOM. Our first event, “An Evening with the Foundation” will take place Saturday, April 18th at 7:00 pm EST.

Foundation members have already been sent an email regarding how to become involved in the Staying Connected Initiative. If you are not currently a member but would like to join or learn more, please contact: Jeanette Cesta at

SURO Applications Now Open!

Step Up Reach Out (SURO) is an international leadership advocacy program designed to develop and
train young adults in the bleeding disorders community globally who want to
step up and help to promote better care and services in their communities. 

The program application is open to males 21 yrs to 25 yrs with a bleeding disorder.

We are now  accepting new applications for the SURO 2020.   The deadline is January 25, 2020 for applications. 

For more information and to apply please visit:


2019 National Type 3/Severe VWD Conference Sneak Peak!

Here’s a look at Saturday’s breakout sessions…

 All About Insurance

Come discuss the latest in health insurance issues with community experts.

Infusing 101

The thought of learning to infuse or helping your young child navigate through infusing and be overwhelming. Come meet with experienced nurses to discuss the basics in infusing.  Ask questions, learn techniques and tricks. There will be no live infusing, but supplies will be available for demonstration and discussion.

 Medical Aging Issues

Aging brings new challenges, especially with severe VWD.  Come discuss how to handle natural aging changes with the added concern of severe VWD.  Learn about managing common health events along with your bleeding disorder.

The Science Behind Genetics

The genetics of VWD is complex! Dig in with top specialists in the field to increase your understanding of VWD genetics and inheritance.

Pain, Anxiety and Depression

Do we experience Pain, Anxiety and Depression individually or are they each part of a whole and inter-connected? Join us as we explore the common association of pain, anxiety and depression with chronic disease and discover new coping skills.

Dental Issues

Smile! A bleeding disorder doesn’t have to stop you from taking good care of your teeth.  Come discuss dental issues with a dentist experienced in working with the bleeding disorder community.


Women’s Health – Minus the Periods!

Come discuss all things concerning reproductive bleeding – except the period. In this breakout we’ll address pregnancy, menopause, and general good practices for women’s reproductive health.