Stefanie Dugan – Certified Genetic Counselor

Dugan pic

Stefanie Dugan is a certified genetic counselor with Versiti (formerly known as Blood Center of Wisconsin) with a dual role in laboratory and clinical hematology genetics. In the Diagnostic Laboratories, Stefanie supports the Hematology Genetics service by advancing laboratory stewardship, providing external clinical consultation to ordering providers, and contributing clinical expertise to genetic variant interpretation as part of a team of laboratory directors, hematologists and other laboratory personnel. Stefanie continues a clinical practice in Versiti’s Comprehensive Center for Bleeding Disorders, where she has had the privilege of working with children and adults with severe bleeding disorders, including von Willebrand disease, since 1999. She has 14 years of prior experience at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin providing genetic counseling to adult and pediatric patients in a variety of clinical settings. Stefanie is a past member of the a member of the National Hemophilia Program Coordinating Center (NHPCC) Genetics Work Group, and currently serves as a member of the ClinGen Platelet Disorders Expert Panel.