Mrinal Gounder, M.D.


Dr. Mrinal Gounder, MD is a medical oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York. He specializes in developing new drugs in cancer with a specific focus in sarcoma; a rare and devastating cancer that affects children, adolescents and adults. His research focuses on understanding the molecular biology of cancer and translating these findings into new drugs for cancer patients. He is the international study chair for several clinical trials and serves as a scientific advisor for the FDA and several pharmaceutical companies. He collaborates with patient advocacy groups and serves as the Scientific Director of the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation and on the Medical Advisory Board of the Chordoma Foundation. His work is internationally known and has published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Lancet Oncology, Nature Medicine and others. His research contributions to rare cancers was recognized as the top ten Advances of the Year in 2018 in the field of oncology.