VWD Connect Foundation
at the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF)
Annual Meeting

Chicago, IL August 2017

A “Making the Connection” conference reunion took place in Chicago in August 2017 at the NHF Annual Meeting. The Type 3 VWD Patient voice was heard loud and clear during the Meeting. Not only did approximately 12 Type 3 patients attend the meeting, but a few of them also presented during sessions.

VWD Connect Foundation held an evening reception for alumni of the 2017 Making the Connection Conference along with community members from a variety of national support organizations and medical providers. During the evening reception, we officially announce the VWD Connect Foundation’s formation. Three Board Members were in attendance to host the evening and share the news about the Foundation.

NHF was in full support of the Type 3 VWD patient community. A number of sessions addressed Type 3 VWD issues and the banners created at the 2017 Making the Connection Conference were on display throughout the meeting. The 2017 Making the Connection Conference itself was presented during one of the sessions. Thanks, NHF!