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Because Type 3/Severe Von Willebrand Disease only occurs in about 1-5 people per million, few in the general public know about how it deeply affects the lives of those who have it. The fact is, this disease often governs every detail of daily living. Many decisions that most take for granted become incredibly important for those with Type 3/Severe VWD. Where to live and go to school, engaging in sports and activities, travel, how to go about seeking treatment and medical support are all critically important.
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Donate to VWD Connect Foundation Inc. to be used to further the mission of the Foundation including the creation of its National Type 3/Severe VWD Conference and other patient education events.
19% of patients reported having had their diagnosis change since being identified with a bleeding disorder.

– 2019 VWD Connect Foundation Conference Participants

The work of VWD Connect Foundation is centered around “connection”. Helping patients form vital connections to each other for much needed emotional support. Connecting patients to best-in-class doctors, social workers and other professionals for lifelong and often lifesaving care. Facilitating connection to hope and promise for a cure. We need precious donations to make these all happen.
“This weekend and conference have been surreal – meeting others with VWD Type 3, hearing the experts present…and making connections.”
– 2019 VWD Connect Foundation Conference Participant

Every Patient Has a Voice
At our very first national conference huge banners served as whiteboards…inviting attendees to share emotions and respond to critical questions.
What did the conference mean to them? What piece of advice would they like to pass on to another generation about living with Type 3?
When we hear “VWD Rocks!” and “Finally, I’m not alone anymore”, we know we are connecting for something very good, indeed.

Donate to VWD Connect Foundation Inc.

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